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Orthomol - Most Effective Pain Reliever

Orthomol is based on the rich heritage of Ayurveda. It is an authentic and comprehensive pain relieving range of products made with 100% pure & natural Ayurvedic herbs.

Orthomol offers solution for both acute & chronic pain. The combination of Orthomol Oil and Orthomol Capsule has synergistic effects on chronic pain and is known to provide guaranteed results. Whereas Orthomol Gel, Orthomol Roll-On Gel and Orthomol Spray are must haves in every First Aid kit and provide instant relief from acute pain.

Orthomol range of products are one stop solution for all pain and stiffness related issues. They are very potent & are a safe alternative to synthetic pain medications and are highly effective on patients whose body movements have been affected, restricted & stiffened by joint/muscular pain. It efficiently melts ‘ama’ (toxin) deposits that cause redness and swelling in joints and other affected areas while providing prompt relief from pain, stiffness and inflammation.

– Ikon Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

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